I created Vaziak's Studios to show you my MOC, my sets...Hum...And sometime my emotion... =D I don't speak english very well so if I make fault, sorry.

Questions and answer

Q: Why "Vaziak"'s Studios?

A: hum...I think it's because Vaziak is the myself MOC's name I kept the most of time.

Q: What is your favorite song?

A: Hum... Technologic by Daft Punk and Bad day by Daniel Powter

Q: What is your biggest challenge on the internet world?

A: Seriously, it's to become a Youtube partener or just to be popular. XD

Q: What sex are you?

A: I'm a boy.

Q: When to you bigen BIONICLE(R) and LEGO(R)?

A: I begen LEGO(R) at 2 years old and I was 3 years old for BIONICLE(R)

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